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Tourist Injuries

Nevada Tourist Injury Attorney

Safety tip: Before you travel to Las Vegas or elsewhere, buy travel insurance that would pay for your transportation home in the event of a serious accident.

When out-of-state visitors are seriously injured or killed in an accident in Nevada, special needs and considerations come to light.

  • How will the injured tourist be transported back home as soon as possible — particularly in the case of a catastrophic injury victim who requires special care and attention to survive moment by moment?
  • In the case of an accidental death, who will be responsible for transporting the body of the deceased back home?
  • If long-term medical treatment in Nevada is necessary before the accident victim can return home, how will family members’ travel expenses be covered?
  • From a legal standpoint, which state’s insurance laws will apply after a traveler’s serious accident?

Hofland & Tomsheck is a well-established Las Vegas personal injury law firm. Our experienced and knowledgeable lawyers welcome the opportunity to help tourists and their families after serious accidents in Nevada involving any of the following:

In addition to helping tourists seek compensation for physical injuries, we represent out-of-town visitors and local patrons alike who seek compensation for wrongful detainment or false imprisonment in casinos and nightclubs.

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