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Tire Blowouts

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When a driver in front of you stops suddenly, you can slam on the brakes. When a driver moves aggressively into your lane, you can swerve away. But when your own tire blows out due to a design or manufacturing defect, or another car or truck’s tire blows out near you, causing a collision, you don’t have any options.

At the Las Vegas law firm of Hofland & Tomsheck we understand the frustration and devastating consequences that can accompany accidents caused by the negligence of another. And we offer experienced legal representation to hold negligent parties accountable by filing a lawsuit and seeking financial compensation.

If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a tire blowout accident, contact an attorney who is skilled in litigating against auto part manufacturers, insurers and other parties. Contact Hofland & Tomsheck. Call (702) 895-6760 or (877) 825-1554.

Tire blowouts can occur through a broad range of negligent acts, including:

  • The poor retreading or recapping of tires (in which heavily used tires, usually truck tires, are fitted with new treads which can then fail at high speeds)
  • Defectively manufactured or repaired tires
  • The use of tires with improper tread depth, or tires that are simply worn out

In most instances, tire blowouts cause accidents that are not the victim’s fault. However, in order to obtain the full compensation, you will need to prove liability against every responsible party. Our lawyers are experienced at investigating serious car accidents, and will help you find all responsible parties.

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