I had a case where something very bad happened to me and my family. I came to see Mr. Tomsheck on the advice of a friend. He and his staff, especially his assistant Jennifer, were AWESOME. They resolved my case, saved me thousands of dollars and were a blessing from God. I love Mr. Tomsheck and his whole office.

- Personal Injury Client “T”

Huge Settlement in my Injury Case

I took my injury case to Josh and his law firm after my previous lawyer had not gotten the results I felt he should. Josh took over my case late in the discovery process. After a couple depositions and Motions (which we won) before the Court, Josh was able to secure a settlement for me and my family well in the six figures on a case where my previous lawyer couldn’t even get an offer of $10,000.

- Personal Injury Client “R”

I highly recommend Attorney Tomsheck. He is a very dedicated lawyer, goes above and beyond for his clients aside of his wit and drive he is very friendly, blunt, and makes you feel like he has known you for years. Same goes for his assistants, great group of people. Overall my experience with him was a triumph. Extremely grateful.

- E.H.

I am forever indebted. I am so grateful for the job that you guys have done. I feel terrible for those that can not afford the service you provided, or don't realize how worth while it is. The charges against me had the potential to redirect a life that I quite enjoy, others appreciate, and that I consider to have a nice trajectory. I'm grateful for the ability to continue down the path I was headed and not spend the rest of my life struggling to be considered credible.

I don't know how you guys feel about me or the work that you do. I imagine that it is difficult to decide who is or isn't worthy of the service you provide. In my cost benefit calculator the future is not as predictable as probabilities might foretell. That is to say that the most repulsive might become the most revered, and the most revered might be steered toward the worst at any moment due to any trigger. Regardless, while I could be wrong about which I might be or become, I am optimistic and like to think that I'll be one of the people that help you feel good about the work you do.

I am grateful. My family is grateful. My friends are grateful. I will encounter and affect others that will in part have you to thank. Thank you! Thank you so incredibly much.

- D. K.

Mr. Tomsheck and his staff are very professional and are great at staying in contact with you during the duration of your case. I reside out of the state so for me it was crucial that I find someone that would represent me states away. His assistant Adrienne was amazing. She answered every call, every email and made sure I was up to date with everything. Mr.Tomsheck was very confident and to the point and delivered. I was extremely happy with how the case ended and would highly recommend Mr.Tomsheck and his staff.

- A. Y.

Help Me Get MyLife Back Excellent Lawyer & Highly Recommend !! IWas Facing Life In Prison & If It Wasnt For Josh IWouldnt Be Here Today With MyFamily! I Am Very Grateful With Him Having MyCase He Didnt Just Treat Me As A Client But He Treated Me As If IWas Really One Of His Own. He Didnt Have To Do What He Did But He Went All Out His Way To Do It For Me &My Family !This Man Is A Very HardWorking Individual &Is Dedicated To Helping Peoples Lifes.&IAlso Want To Thank Him,Adrian&Bill ForHelping Me With MyCase &Keeping Me Postive Through It !! They All Are A Postive HardWorking Team Thankyou All For Everything !!! Was Very Grateful To Have You People In MyLife!

- M. S.

Mr. Tomsheck and his staff are compassionate, caring and above all competent in their defense of the accused. Thank you Josh, Adrienne and Olivia. You are the absolute best.

- P. J. V.

I was referred to Josh Tomsheck after being arrested for multiple felonies and misdemeanors related to marijuana “crimes”. Josh and his team went above and beyond for over 18 months working the best deal possible for me. Josh never took a shortcut or took the easier path. He worked his connections to accomplish what was always best for me and I was able to walk away with a single misdemeanor. If you want the peace of mind knowing that your attorney is actively working for your future, Josh is your guy! Wouldn’t put my freedom in any other attorney’s hands in this town! Forever grateful.

- C. R.

I highly recommend Attorney Tomsheck. He is a very dedicated lawyer, goes above and beyond for his clients aside of his wit and drive he is very friendly, blunt, and makes you feel like he has known you for years. Same goes for his assistants, great group of people. Overall my experience with him was a triumph. Extremely grateful.

- E. H.

The title of this review is not an over-statement. Josh, Adrienne and the rest of his staff saved my step-father's life. He suffers from dementia and found himself facing a lengthy prison term due to a shift in his behaviors resulting from his medical condition. He would not have survived. Josh stepped in and in his calm, effective and highly professional way worked within the system to come up w/ a solution that satisfied the judge's concerns, protecting the citizens of NV but also my step-father. Josh and staff worked a miracle and I'm thankful each day that we found them when we did. His office communicated with me through each step of the process and his fees were very, very reasonable. A five-star rating isn't enough to show our gratitude. If you find yourself or a loved one needing assistance in Nevada with a criminal defense issue you will find no one better than Josh Tomsheck.

- R. R.

Tomsheck was an amazing Lawyer for my son. He was confident and knew just about everyone in the court room. He saved my sons life and I am forever indebted to him for his efforts.

- S. T.

Mr. Tomsheck handled my case professionally and efficiently. I am extremely grateful for him getting my traffic ticket completely dismissed.

- T. B.

This guy is awesome. Highly recommended. Best lawyer in Vegas.

- M. G.

My name is Suzanne, I first contacted Josh Tomsheck from Hofland & Tomsheck Law Firm in Las Vegas Nevada in July 2015. Josh came highly recommended by a good friend who has used his services in the past.

I hired Josh Tomsheck after an incident happened in which I knew I would eventually need a Professional Lawyer to act on my behalf. So with this said I hired Josh Tomsheck prior to any charges being charged against me. My immigration status was on the line if charges went through and I am convicted of this crime. So you see I needed a lawyer who would fight on my behalf.

Josh contacted me in October said the charges went through against me and it was now time to turn myself in to the Jail in Henderson to do a walk through. Many officers asked me how I was able to get a walk through as it Rarely happens. They also said Josh Tomsheck must have connections to be able to do a walk through and said he must be a good lawyer to accomplish this. I was booked and released within two hours. I was back on the road and on my way home in only two hours. No bail no time served. My court hearing was then scheduled for January 2016. There were many court date changes before the final court hearing but I was never notified about them Josh looked after all the small details without disrupting my life. When I went to court the charges initially charged were dropped and a misdemeanor was to replace the initial charge. If the initial charges stuck I would be deported as I am here on a permanent resident card . Josh was amazing he had everything handled b4 I went to court. The scene in the court room was very short and brief as Josh Tomsheck had already agreed to a plea-bargain to dismiss the original criminal charges. There were other court date set like status checks but I did not need to appear for them as Josh appeared on my behalf including the final court date in January 2017. I received an email in January 2017 after the final court date telling me I was finished the Judge closed the case.

Josh Tomsheck Attourney At Law looked after all the small details so my life was not disrupted. I would highly recommend Josh Tomsheck Attourney At Law as your lawyer he will be thorough and complete. It may appear on the outside that things are not being resolved but behind the scenes Josh Tomsheck Attourney At Law is working hard for you and looking after all the details in an efficient and smooth manner. Thank you for reading my review!

- S. Y.

Great Lawyer's

- B. F.

Met our lawyer and staff last week. Very professional and serious about our situation.

- K. D.

Great attorneys

- A. E.