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Often, people unfamiliar with separation laws ask “why would someone get separated instead of divorced”?

One reason many people obtain a separation rather than a divorce is because most medical insurance policies will not allow a non-spouse to be insured along with the primary policy holder. Many people face loss of medical benefits upon divorce. Legally separated couples, however, do not face problems in retaining their medical insurance coverage.

Others seek a legal separation over divorce for religious reasons or because they are not yet sure if they are ready to proceed with a divorce. Whatever your reason, if you wish to pursue a legal separation or have questions regarding Nevada’s legal separation laws, the separation attorneys of Hofland & Tomsheck can provide experienced and caring representation.

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At Hofland & Tomsheck, our lawyers offer practical and cost-effective legal advocacy. We are careful to control costs and to expedite each case, yet we stay focused on our primary goal — achieving your goals.

While we pride ourselves on our aggressive approach and effectiveness in the courtroom, we understand that family law cases aren’t always acrimonious. Often, legal separations involve less conflict than other family law challenges. We help you navigate the through the legal process while anticipating and managing any complications.

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