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Parental Rights For Mothers

Custody Rights Of Mothers In Nevada

When parents are separated or divorced, many key questions must be answered for the sake of the parents and the minor children. From a legal point of view, the minor child’s best interests are the largest determining factor in matters such as these:

  • Where will the child live? He or she will live with one of the parents, most likely — but which one? Or will custody be shared?
  • When, how and with what frequency will the other parent interact with the child if the child lives most of the time with one parent?
  • What type of financial support will the parent who does not live with the child most of the time provide?

Questions such as these regarding child custody, child visitation and child support are a major component of any divorce or separation agreement that involves minor children. Unmarried parents face the same questions, whether or not they have a history of cohabitation.

A Mother’s Natural Concerns When Parents Are Separated Or Divorced

If you are the mother in a divorce or parental separation, you may have special concerns and worries that are particular to your maternal role and position:

  • You may wonder whether the father has any legal rights with regard to the minor child if you are not married to him and there is no custody order in place yet.
  • If you are still pregnant, you may wonder whether you can relocate out of state without the father’s permission.
  • You may worry about the impact of frequent separation from your newborn if the father wants split custody or regular visitation rights.
  • You wonder when you can begin receiving child support, and what costs you can recover for “confinement” (recovery for time off work due to pregnancy and costs related to childbirth).
  • If you earn less than the father does, you may wonder whether you will be discriminated against on that basis when child custody decisions are made.
  • You may worry about how child support orders will be enforced.
  • If the father has been abusive to you, you may wonder whether this fact can be used to limit child visitation.
  • You may wonder or worry about how to best nurture healthy grandparent relationships for your child or children.

The Las Vegas family law firm of Hofland & Tomsheck has helped many women navigate the waters of mothers’ rights and fathers’ rights in divorce and separation. Our lawyers understand how to guide parents to practical solutions cost-effectively.

The most important thing to understand is that the mother and the father have equal rights in the eyes of the law when it comes to child rearing, child custody and child support in a divorced or separated family.

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