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Ownership And Title Disputes

Nevada Property Ownership Dispute Attorney

Ownership and title disputes often arise between two or more people who both (or all) claim ownership interests in a piece of real estate. Disputants in an ownership or title dispute may include the following:

  • Brothers and sisters
  • Elderly parents and grown children
  • Business partners
  • Buyers and sellers of real estate properties
  • Beneficiaries to a will

Whatever the relationship between the people engaged in an ownership or title dispute, it is advisable to talk to a real estate lawyer as early in the dispute as possible. A skilled title dispute attorney may help all parties save litigation costs while encouraging a mutually acceptable, beneficial resolution.

A title dispute may create complications when an owner decides to sell the real property, if the dispute is not resolved properly. An ownership dispute may cause family relationships or business partnerships to turn sour. Sometimes, the best solution to an ownership dispute is to set up terms by which one party to the dispute will buy out the other’s ownership interest.

Title disputes may be related to legal quandaries and questions regarding easements, property lines or title defects. Title disputes may involve special complications best handled by a well-experienced, local lawyer.

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