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Construction Disputes

Nevada Contractor Dispute Lawyer

Construction disputes are unfortunately fairly common. Investors, property owners, builders and future tenants enter into contracts with hopeful purpose and in good faith. Perhaps all parties involved in a construction project make a good effort to fulfill their obligations and honor contract terms — but complications arise despite good intentions.

Parties in construction disputes often contact attorneys such as the civil litigation lawyers of Hofland & Tomsheck in Las Vegas for help with such complications and issues such as the following:

  • Questionable workmanship quality
  • Failure to complete work
  • Failure to complete a construction project on time
  • Failure to build to code, or according to plans
  • Failure to pay for work or materials contracted for
  • Representation before the Nevada State Contractors’ Board
  • Recovery of the damages from the contractors’ bond
Will The Construction Litigation Matter Be Resolved Out Of Court Or At Trial?

Disputes between developers and contractors, between builders and future tenants or between lenders and construction managers are often best resolved outside of court. Taking a construction dispute to trial may result in victory for the right individual or company — but at too great a cost to be worthwhile.

Legal opponents of our Las Vegas construction litigation law firm know that we will take a case to court if necessary. They also know, as we do, that settling outside of court is often in the best interests of parties in a dispute. We work hard to ensure that our clients make well-informed decisions when they decide to accept or reject a settlement offer in connection with a construction litigation matter.

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