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Every parent owes financial support to their children. With the onset of a separation or divorce or in the case of unmarried parents, the issue of child support will arise. This is a critical issue for parents, since the quality of a child’s life can be greatly affected by the financial support received. Child support orders may involve initial determinations as well as modifications years after the order has been finalized. Hofland & Tomsheck is a Las Vegas family law firm that can help you with any Clark County child support matter. We’ve been practicing divorce and family law in Clark County since 1997; we’ve successfully handled hundreds of cases involving varying complexities. We work as partners, bringing you a team effort in pursuing optimal case results which means you get the benefit of three combined decades of legal experience. Because of our proven track record, commitment to clients, and legal skills, we have earned a reputation for effectiveness in negotiation, hearings, and trial advocacy.

Nevada Child Support Law

The issue of Clark County child support is governed by Section 125B.080 (9) of the Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS). Under this law, the determination of child support can be influenced by a number of factors. Parental income, the number of children requiring support from a parent, and the issue of who has primary custody can all play a major role in how the court will decide the payment. Clark County child support payments are calculated according to a formula designed by state guidelines.

Our firm can help you determine the amount of financial support that is appropriate based on your circumstances. If those circumstances have substantially changed since the initial child support order, you may have grounds to seek a modification through the court. A change of circumstances may involve financial conditions, additional children in need of support, or a change in the needs of a particular child. The modification order may be sought by either parent. Parents who are facing the problem of delinquent or lapsed payments may also need legal help with child support enforcement. If you are an unmarried parent, you may seek financial support for your child through a paternity case. For unmarried fathers, this may also allow you visitation rights and the opportunity for a consistent and meaningful relationship with your child.

Other factors that can affect child support include any special educational or medical needs of the child, whether public assistance is being provided to the child, child care expenses, health insurance expenses, the child’s age, transportation expenses when the custodial parent has relocated elsewhere, how much time the child spends with a parent, and any other special requirements needed for a child, such as for a child that is disabled.

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