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Child Support

Nevada Child Support Payment AttorneyPursuant To NRS 125B.080(9), The District Court May Adjust The Resulting Amount Of Child Support(A)The Cost Of Health Insurance;

(b) The cost of child care;

(c) Any special educational needs of the child;

(d) The age of the child;

(e) The legal responsibility of the parents for the support of others;

(f) The value of services contributed by either parent;

(g) Any public assistance paid to support the child;

(h) Any expenses reasonably related to the mother’s pregnancy and confinement;

(i) The cost of transportation of the child to and from visitation if the custodial parent moved with the child from the jurisdiction of the court which ordered the support and the noncustodial parent remained;

(j) The amount of time the child spends with each parent;

(k) Any other necessary expenses for the benefit of the child; and

(l) The relative income of both parents.

Child Support Where The Parents Share Joint Physical Custody Or Shared Physical Custody Of Children

The method for calculating the timeshare for joint or shared physical custody designation is based on the time during which a parent has physical custody of a child over one calendar year. In order to be defined as joint or shared physical custody, each parent must have physical custody of the child at least 40 percent of the time which is 146 days per year. ( see Rivero v. Rivero, 125 Nev. Adv. Op. No. 34 (August 27, 2009)

Child support in joint or shared physical custody arrangements is calculated based on the parents’ gross incomes. (see Wright v. Osburn 114 Nev. 1367, 1368-69, 970 P.2d 1071, 1072 (1998)) Each parent is obligated to pay a percentage of their income,

according to the number of children, as determined by NRS 125B.070(1)(b). The difference between the two support amounts is calculated, and the higher-income parent is obligated to pay the lower-income parent the difference. The district court may adjust the resulting amount of child support using the NRS 125B.080(9) factors (see above). The Court held that the purposes of the Wright formula are to adjust child support to equalize the child’s standard of living between parents and to provide a formula for consistent decisions in similar cases.

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