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Bus Accident

Nevada Tour Bus Crash LawyerRepresenting The Injured In Motor Vehicle Accidents Since 1997

People throughout the Las Vegas area rely on buses to get to and from work, the supermarket, or other destinations. Las Vegas is also a desirable place for tourists, and bus tours are a way for many people to see much of what Las Vegas and the surrounding areas have to offer. When riding on a bus, the last thing you expect is to get into a bus accident that leads to serious injuries, extensive medical care and the need to file a personal injury lawsuit.

At the Las Vegas law firm of Hofland & Tomsheck we understand the shock, injuries and confusion that can result from a bus accident, especially when the accident takes place far from home. You’re left with serious and confusing questions. Who will pay my extensive medical bills? How can I ensure I’ll receive the full medical care I need? And who has the experience to take this stress and confusion off my shoulders and help me obtain the full compensation I am owed?

Our law firm has handled motor vehicle accidents for 13 years. We can help you following a bus accident occurring in Las Vegas, Reno and other Nevada cities, as well as on during tourist junkets to the grand canyon and other area destinations.

Were you injured in a tourist bus, city bus or charter bus in Las Vegas or anywhere in Nevada? Contact the experienced bus accident lawyers of Hofland & Tomsheck. Call (702) 487-9691 or (877) 825-1554.

We visit bus crash sites and work with investigators, accident reconstructionists, treating physicians and other experts to fully investigate accidents and document injuries. Our truck, car and bus accident legal representation has resulted in numerous high-value awards.

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