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Helping Individuals And Families In Domestic Violence Situations

When you or your family has been victimized by domestic violence, how do you ensure that you and your children will be safe in the future and that the cycle of violence will end? When you are unable to enter your home or visit your children due to inflated or false domestic violence charges, who can help protect your rights by presenting a true, well-researched and supported case to a judge in your domestic violence hearing?

The attorneys of the Las Vegas law firm of Hofland & Tomsheck have helped dozens of clients obtain and defend against temporary protective orders (also known as restraining orders, temporary restraining orders or injunctions). Regardless of which “side” of a temporary restraining order dispute you are on, we can advocate for your rights by:

Compassionate Help For Domestic Violence Victims

Circumstances vary from person to person in domestic violence situations. Often, we represent people who have limited access to marital resources. Has your spouse denied you access to your bank accounts, or terminated your credit cards(s)? Is your spouse, partner or former spouse controlling and emotionally abusive? We help victims of violence by helping them obtain temporary restraining orders and the safety they can provide.

Aggressive Help When Temporary Restraining Orders And Domestic Violence Charges Are Misused

We also help people when their spouses or partners misuse domestic violence charges to gain an advantage during divorce proceedings. Have you been unfairly accused of domestic violence and now face additional challenges in an alimony, child support, child custody or visitation dispute? We can gather and present the proper facts so that court understands your situation and rules accordingly.

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