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Custody Rights Of Fathers In Nevada

As a father in a separated family, you may worry or wonder about how you will protect your parent-child relationship. In addition, you may wonder how you will protect yourself from being made to pay excessive child support. In some cases, you may even wonder if you are truly the father. Thankfully, DNA tests can answer that question. Talk to a lawyer if you need help with any legal issue involving paternity and a father’s rights.

Hofland & Tomsheck in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a trusted family law firm ready to help resolve your questions and represent you in legal actions related to your children — whether in a divorce decree, child support order or post decree modification.

Typically, fathers bring questions involving the following issues to the attention of our Nevada family law attorneys:

We consider ourselves an “equal opportunity” law firm for separated and divorced fathers and mothers. Our Las Vegas family law attorneys can help clarify and facilitate legal actions that can help protect your rights and the rights of your child or children in the context of a separation or divorce.

To begin with, we hope you understand that your paternal rights apply whether or not you and the mother were married when the child was conceived or born. You have the right to have access to your children. You have the right to spend quality time with your children, without the mother’s interference. And you have the right to be treated fairly when child support orders are determined.

Are You Dealing With Visitation Denial?

Issues that came up in past family law cases our firm handled on behalf of fathers included questions such as the following:

Parents may resolve questions such as these through negotiations, through mediation services (FMC) or through the family court. We welcome the opportunity to answer your questions regarding fathers’ rights in Nevada, and to help you seek and find legal solutions that will work for you and your child(ren).

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